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Member Benefits

Six Good Reasons For Becoming A Leisure Travel Alliance Member
1. LTA Is A Travel Agency Network With Sensible Priorities
2. Preferred Supplier Programs With Enhanced Commissions & More
3. Education, Training & Networking
4. Network-Funded, Network-Managed Consumer Marketing
5. Agent & Consumer-Friendly Technology
6. An Agent-Friendly “No Dues” Philosophy
1. A Travel Agency Network With Sensible Priorities
While LTA’s network is dynamic, exciting and global in the sense of worldwide travel destinations, most travel agents do not compete for customers globally. Most of us do business with customers who live and work within our respective communities. We believe one of LTA’s primary roles is that of helping you be competitive within your community. Traditional storefront and professional home-based travel agents have four major advantages over non-traditional sellers of travel. You know your products, you know your customers, you provide an unmatched level of customer service and you are part of your local community. LTA can provide you with products, pricing and marketing support that will help you outpace national competitors in your sphere of influence. Unlike some travel agency organizations, LTA does not waste resources on gadgets and gimmicks. We focus on three priorities: Helping member agents retain existing customers; helping member agents attract new customers; and, helping member agents maximize commissions and profitability. LTA will not waste your time, our time, our resources or your resources on marginal programs, projects or products that do not clearly support these three all-important priorities.
2. Preferred Supplier Relationships
LTA has enhanced commission programs with fifty world-class travel suppliers. Simply stated, you will have opportunities for and access to enhanced pricing and enhanced commissions. Even where supplier commissions are tiered, you can achieve higher commission tiers at lower thresholds by being an LTA member than you would as a non-affiliated agency.
3. Education, Training and Networking
LTA members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of national, regional and local educational, training and networking events. LTA is the exclusive host for some events and an active participant in others. We particularly like to focus on industry events that provide opportunities for agents and suppliers to meet and network one-on-one.
4. Network-Funded, Network-Managed Consumer Marketing Programs
LTA manages one of the most productive, efficient and generous consumer marketing programs in the industry. Virtually all LTA direct mail and email projects are 100% network funded and network managed. Once you provide us with your customer data, we will, at our expense, have it cleaned, formatted, enhanced and appended with state-of-the-art demographic and lifestyle data at the household level. If you don’t have a
formatted customer list or database, we will even help you produce one.We customize all direct mail and email projects by individual agency, we manage design and production; and, we manage and fund distribution (including the cost of postage for direct mail).
5. Technology
Everything about LTA and its preferred suppliers comes together at www.AccessLTA.com. Access LTA is our exclusive, password-protected member Extranet and portal. Our Extranet site is logically designed for travel agents; navigation is a snap. Every LTA preferred supplier has been assigned an exclusive module on Access LTA. All pertinent information and day-to-day tactical offers can be found in one place. In addition, we provide links to all of preferred supplier booking engines. You can see product information, commission offers, tactical offers and promotions, and launch booking operations, all from one platform. In addition, LTA provides a content-rich consumer website with hundreds of supplier itineraries and prices. LTA is strictly in the business of providing technology that links consumers to agents and agents to suppliers. LTA does not solicit or accept direct consumer inquiries.
6. An Agent-Friendly Dues Structure
From the time of LTA’s founding in 2007, we have not charged membership fees or dues. We typically offer qualified prospects a guaranteed two-year dues waiver. Unless obliged to do so by way of unforeseen events, we will continue to waive future dues indefinitely.
For Additional Information:
For additional membership Information, please call us at 1-800-515-4582 or
512-788-5586. We look forward to talking with you. Or, complete this Information Form and we will contact you to discuss the benefits of becoming an LTA member.