LTA John ShandsJohn Shands
Co-founder Leisure Travel Alliance
1946 - 2010

John Shands (1946-2010) began his travel industry career in 1976 as founder of Shands International Travel in Brownsville, Texas. Shands International ultimately grew to be a multi-location enterprise with branch offices throughout the Texas Rio Grande Valley. In 1997, John joined the staff of Consolidated Travel Services, Inc. (CTSI) as director of sales. Following CTSI’s acquisition by in 1999, John served as its south central sales manager.

In 2007, John became a co-founder of Leisure Travel Alliance (LTA) and served as its executive vice president until the time of his death in 2010. Throughout his travel industry career, John was an active member of the American Society of Travel Agents and was an advocate and a frequent spokesman for the travel agency community. Prior to his travel industry career, John attended Schreiner Institute, Texas Tech University and participated in two deployments to Vietnam during four years of service with the United States Navy.

John is survived by his loving wife Mary Jane; daughters Tracy, Allison, and Jeanne and spouses; granddaughters Jordan and Jaycee; and, many close family friends and travel industry colleagues.