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For Travel Agents: FAQ

What is a travel consortium?

A travel consortium is a network of independent travel agents and agencies who join together to increase buying power and commissions in order to provide a better experience to their clients.

Do you require experience?

For LTA’s consortium division, we welcome experienced, productive agencies and agents whether you are a traditional storefront agency, a home-based business, ARC-appointed or non-ARC. For newer agencies and new agent entrants, LTA Central, our host agency division may be a better option. Contact us for more details on membership options.

Do you accept Independent Contractors (ICs) as members?

Yes. We will be happy to refer you to one of our host agency members or introduce you to our in-house host agency division.

What is required to join Leisure Travel Alliance? 

You must have your own agency ID number issued by CLIA, TRUE, IATA or ARC.

What are the benefits of joining LTA?

Benefits include a generous consumer marketing program, negotiated pricing, enhanced commissions, agent training and education, networking opportunities, access to our member portal and enhanced access to leading travel suppliers. LTA negotiates with hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other suppliers on behalf of our agents. This “preferred supplier” relationship benefits your clients by offering upgrades, room amenities and special promotions not available to the general public. Detailed information can be found on our Member Benefits page.

What are LTA’s membership fees/dues?

We typically offer new consortium members an introductory dues waiver for two years and beyond. For our host agency division, there are several levels of dues options ranging from $0-$200.

When I fill out the information form on this site, have I joined?

No. The online form is used to gather basic information about you and your agency. When you submit the form, we will contact you to discuss our programs. If we meet your criteria and you meet ours, we will be happy to assist you in completing our full membership application.

Once the paperwork is completed, how long is it before I become a member?

Once we have your full application, we add you to the membership rolls immediately. We also advise our preferred suppliers that you are a member. The supplier recognition process varies from supplier to supplier and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We ask our new agents to notify the supplier of their affiliation with LTA on any new bookings made for their first month. If you are leaving another agency organization to join LTA, your commission benefits should not be interrupted.

Do you offer marketing programs?

LTA manages one of the most productive, efficient, and generous consumer marketing programs in the industry. We customize all direct mail and email projects by individual agency, we manage design and production and we manage and pay for distribution (including the cost of postage for direct mail).

What types of training does LTA offer?

LTA has a calendar full of webinars that our agents are invited to attend. In addition to this, we are always available to help guide you through our agent portal, AccessLTA over the phone or in some cases, in person. You will have access to all the training programs available through the suppliers’ agent portals on AccessLTA.

What kind of support does LTA offer to its agents?

As a smaller consortium, we are always just a phone call or email away. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and are always here to help with supplier or agency issues that may arise. With over 45 years of travel industry experience, our executives have seen and dealt with a number of different circumstances and are always available to help.

What type of networking opportunities do you offer?

Leisure Travel Alliance hosts an annual conference where our members can come together to collectively focus on the travel industry. Our most recent conference was held at sea and was our most successful to date. In addition to our annual conference, we have an active Facebook page specifically for our members to get to know each other, ask questions and provide support to one another.

How long is a contract with LTA?

While our contract does not stipulate an exact timeframe, our hope is that you will stay with us for a minimum of one year.

For Additional Information:

For additional membership Information, please call us at 1-800-515-4582 or
512-788-5586. We look forward to talking with you. Or, complete this Information Form and we will contact you to discuss the benefits of becoming an LTA member.

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